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Port Douglas Internet Services provides web site design, search engine management, internet marketing and travel web sites for Cairns and North Queensland including individual tours, cruises, and accommodation houses, travel agencies of all sizes, regional tourism promotion bodies, and destination sites for regions and entire countries


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Search Engines And Web Site Marketing

Everyone has their own ideas about what works and doesn't work when it comes to search engine registrations. Port Douglas Internet Services has the proven results, with multiple top 10 listings for many clients and 7 years of experience with search engine placement and keyword optimisation for over 250 web sites.

Our expertise has now been distilled into a Search Engine Management program that focuses on a concerted initial effort to make your site "search engine friendly" through META tag and keyword enhancements, and backed up by an on-going maintenance program that addresses the following issues:

  • Search engine registration is not a "one-off" process, and regular maintenance is necessary to develop and keep an effective search engine profile. Search engines regularly re-catalogue your site to check for changes within your site, and the linking relationships between your site and others.
  • As search engine cataloging and indexing methods change (and they do change) we are in a position to routinely make alterations to your web site to ensure that the structure of your site is inline with these changes and any new ranking opportunities that they represent.
  • New search engines are appearing regularly, and the relative popularity of the different search engines is in a constant state of flux. We monitor these market-based changes and adjust your site accordingly as the need arises, and carry out submissions on your behalf to new search engines.
  • Search engines grow in size and new categories and sub-categories are often created that present distinct marketing opportunities for your site.
  • Quite often the obvious path is not the easiest in getting listed with a search engine. Experience has shown us how to "work the system" and you can benefit from our knowledge of search engine registration "back doors", and our extensive network of personal industry contacts within the editorial and technical staff of the search engines themselves.

Our Search Engine Management program also includes access to real-time site traffic reports so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your search engine strategy.

What We Do

The Search Engine Management program includes the following services:

  • Intensive META tag, ALT tag and keyword optimisation of the index page of your site
  • Support optimisation of META tags, ALT tags and the keyword structure of other significant pages on your site
  • Structural modifications to your site, as required, in response to changes in search engine indexing procedures
  • Ongoing manual submission of your site to the major search engines that do not automatically 'spider' your site. We don't do automated submissions because most search engines now ignore them.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the ranking of your site on various search engines.
  • Access to site traffic reporting module in PDIS Control Panel - real time reporting of number of visitors, which pages they visited, what country they came from, the keywords they used to find you, and other useful information.
  • Note: This program does not include the cost of paid listings

What You Do

The work that we carry out is only part of the story and your web site needs your active assistance to achieve its full potential.

For any competitive term the top 10 or 20 results are pretty evenly matched in terms of the technical fundamentals of their page optimisation. With several sites that appear to be equal #1 from the perspective of the search engines, another metric must be used by the search engines to figure out the final order of the listings, and the most common one used is a quality/popularity ranking.

A quality and popularity ranking is determined by the search engines by assessing how many "quality" sites link to the site in question. Its not just the number of sites that have links to yours, its whether they are "worthwhile" sites as well. Links from 2 or 3 "quaility" sites will do more for your search engine ranking than links from 100 "poor" sites, and you can actually be penalised for links from "poor" sites.

"Quality" sites are:

  • Anything in a government or educational domain - .gov, .gov.au, edu, .edu.au. etc
  • Sites that have many more inbound links than outbound links - ie; information sites that everyone links to but that don't often link to anyone else, like Weather sites
  • Sites that perform well for the search terms that you wish to be ranked under.

"Poor" sites are:

  • Anything in a banned or penalised domain - a domain that is a renowned source of junk mail, that uses "spammy" search engine tactics and has had itself penalised by the search engines, or contains adult or inappropriate content.
  • A site that has a large number of inbound links that matches a similarly large number of outbound links - most "link farms" and reciprocal link programs.
  • Sites that have nothing to do with the search terms you wish to be ranked under.
  • Sites that don't even perform well for their own search terms.


The Search Engine Management program is charged quarterly in advance at $99 per month, with an initial set up charge of $175.

The setup fee covers the cost of the initial work involved in taking a professionally built web site to the "next level" of search engine responsiveness.

"Home made" web sites and web sites that have been built by less experienced developers will often contain structural flaws and deficencies (even though they may have been innocent mistakes, oversights or simply naive ignorance) which will need to be corrected to provide a sound foundation for the search engine optimisation. This includes things like frames, graphical buttons for site navigation, Flash site intro pages, and "Powerpoint presentation" style sites that have large images and minimal text. Additional charges will apply for work required to bring a site up to a professional level to which search engine optimisation can then be effectively applied.

It should be pointed out that quite often it is cheaper to rebuild a poorly built site than to have problems patched up. A patched up site will still only be a sub-standard site with the worst bits fixed, and will not perform as well as a site that has been built from the ground up with search engines in mind.

There are cheaper (and more expensive) options out there, but our program is based on 8 years experience at getting sites to the top, and reflects the amount of manual work that we do. We don't rely on automated submissions or standardised methods - our strategies are unique for each client and are based on their needs, their market and the particulars of their site.

If you want half the result, pay half the price, but a guaranteed #1 listing for a search term that no-one is looking for anyway does not consititute a search engine success story. An effective profile of top 10 or top 20 listing for "real", relevant and competitive search terms does!!


Don't just take our word for it. The following companies have invested in their online future by enrolling in our Search Engine Management program:

Age Concern
Argosy On The Beach Apartments
Aurukun Fishing Charters
Beach Weddings Queensland
Bedrock Village Caravan Park
Boonooloo Beach House
Cairns Holiday Rentals
Cairns Regional Art Gallery
Cape Tribulation Wilderness Cruise
Carlton Apartments Surfers Paradise
Cockatoo Hill Retreat Daintree
Coral Princess Cruises
Daintree Magic
Daintree Manor
Daintree Tranqility Tours
Daintree Village Tourism
Dive Medicals
Diving Cairns
Dr Deb The Travel Doctor
Elysium Apartments Palm Cove
Fair Dinkum Bike Tours
Fishing Cairns
FNQ Travel Centre
Fraser Island Bareboat Yacht Charter
Fuglies Sunglasses
Gaia Beach House Trinity Beach
Galaxy Port Douglas Luxury Charters
GBR Helicopter Group
Golfing Cairns
Half Moon Bay Resort Yorkeys Knob
Harbour Lights Cairns
Honeymoon Vanuatu
Hotel Cairns
Jabiru Safari Lodge
Jack And Newell Cairns
Jennifer Catherine Design
Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours
La Befana Communion Gifts
Mariner Gables Apartments
Mariners North
Melaleuca Resort Palm Cove
Meridian Port Douglas Apartments
Mission Beach Cottages
Mt Quincan Crater Retreat
Mustique Luxury Yacht Charters
MV Joe Joe
Oak Beach Boathouse
Oak Beach Villa
Oceanside Cove Burleigh Heads
Oz Tours Cape York Safaris
Pacific International Cairns
Pastease Nipple Covers
Port Douglas Cottage & Lodge
Port Douglas Queenslander
Port Douglas Valley Retreat
Portacone Safety Cones
Pro Dive Cairns
Q Fever
Queenslander Hotels Cairns
Red Mill House Daintree Accommodation
Resort Weddings
Rivers Edge Rainforest Retreat
Roydon Trinity Beachfront Apartments
RU Pissed?
Seaforth Apartments Trinity Beach
Sebel Reef House Palm Cove
Shambhala Port Douglas
Silver Bells Girls Jewellery
Small Object Photography
South Pacific Bridal & Wedding Cairns
Stateland Property Development
Steve Brennan Photography
Sunrise Retreat
Tee Deez
Tranquility On The Daintree
Trinity Beach Accommodation
Trinity Beach Club
Trinity On The Esplanade
Tropic Towers Cairns Apartments
Tropical Coolers
Tufi Dive Resort
UV Wraps Safety Glasses
Vanuatu A-Z Visitors Guide
Wait-A-While Daintree Retreat
Waterfront Terraces Cairns Apartments
Wilderness Challenge
Williams Lodge Yungaburra
Wonga Beach Horse Rides
Yellow Fever
York Apartments Yorkeys Knob
Yorkeys Knob
Yorkeys Knob Holiday Rentals
Zanzoo Cairns Bed & Breakfast

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